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1948-10-14 to Jim Loft re teaching Indians

Mr. Jim Loft

Dear Bahá’í Brother,

Our beloved Guardian was overjoyed to receive your letter of Sept. 2nd, and is happy to extend to you a sincere and warm welcome into the service of our glorious Faith.

Over and over again ‘Abdu’l-Bahá mentioned the great importance of teaching the red Indians, “the original inhabitants of America”, and now that various tribes of the Indians of the Western Hemisphere are gradually coming to be represented in the Bahá’í Faith, through some of their members accepting Bahá’u’lláh, His hopes are being fulfilled. This marks an important step forward not only in the evolution of our Faith itself, but also in the history of the Indian peoples, for, through the universal teachings of our Faith, they will come to not only be loved as brothers by their compatriots of European origin, but also develop the potentialities God has endowed them with, and thus contribute their share to world progress and world unity.

He would greatly welcome your returning to your own tribe, and giving them this great Message you and your dear wife have accepted. He advises you to consult with the Canadian National Bahá’í Assembly, as part of their teaching Plan is to carry our Faith to the Indians in Canada, and they can help and advise you.

He assures you he will pray for your success in teaching your own people, for your happiness and for your protection.

With warm Bahá’í love,

R. Rabbani

Dear Co-worker,

Your most welcome letter rejoiced my heart and I hasten to assure you of a most hearty welcome into the Bahá’í Fold, as well as of my loving and fervent prayers for any and every effort you may exert for the promotion of the Faith and the conversion of your fellow Indians and their acceptance of its verities. May the Beloved bless, protect and sustain you always and aid you to realize your heart’s cherished desire. Your true brother, Shoghi.

Beloved Guardian,

Don Corbin said I should write to you. I have been a believer for about 8 months. I have worked in a factory for 17 years. I quit my job when I could not get time off for the summer school at Louhelen.

I am a Mohawk Indian of Canada. Should I stay in Marysville or go back to the Indian Reserve in Canada. I own some land there. I have a business here. Wife and 3 children are believers. I try to teach the Bahá’í faith at all times.


Jim Loft

1661 Vermont Avenue

Marysville Michigan

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