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Looking back in Wonder, Philip Hainsworth, p79-80

Dear Bahá’í Brother.

I am acknowledging on behalf of our dear Guardian your letter of some time ago, because he is anxious to assure you of how deeply concerned he was to hear your Mother’s health is in danger.

It seems very hard indeed that after losing your dear father you should be faced with this new sorrow - he hopes the doctors are wrong, and that she will be spared to serve with you for many more years. He will certainly pray for her recovery, and he wishes you to assure her that as your mother she is dear to him and often remembered.

Your own indefatigable services are, as you know, deeply valued by him; and he urges you not to lose heart but to persevere, with your radiant spirit and your usual courage and determination.

The Cause in England seems, in spite of financial handicaps, to be going forward in Seven League boots. He is truly proud of the British believers, and this is more than he could say in the past, when the work for years seemed to be stagnating! Those days are now past forever, he feels sure.

You know his loving prayers and thoughts are always with you.

With Bahá’í love,

R. Rabbání.

PS. Please assure your secretary also of his prayers. Likewise Mrs Alma Gregory.

Dear and valued Co-worker,

Your constant and noble efforts, exerted with such determination and devotion, evoke my highest admiration, and will, no doubt, be richly blessed by the Almighty, Whose Cause you love and serve so well. You are often in my thoughts and prayers, and I will continue to beseech on your behalf the sustaining grace of Bahá’u’lláh.

Your true and grateful brother, Shoghi.

1948-10-17 to Philip Hainsworth re sympathy for family deaths

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