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Reincarnation And The Nature And Progress Of The Soul #16

Compiled by the Research Department of the Universal House of Justice

Regarding your question about reincarnation: we Bahá’ís do not believe that one individual soul keeps returning to this earthly life in different bodies. This is a very ancient belief, and based on a great truth—namely that the soul does go on developing and unfolding and returning towards its Creator. But the concept of its returning to this physical world is erroneous, and an outgrowth of man-made doctrines which have grown up about the fundamental concept of the progress of the soul. It would be like putting the child over and over again back into the world of the womb. It is unnecessary; but from state to state spiritually, after death, the soul does go on and go higher, so to speak.

1948-12-26 on behalf of to an individual re transmigration of the soul

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