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George Townshend, David Hofman, p334

‘Have you ever thought of working on what they call in America a “study outline”? There is a need for the friends everywhere to become more deeply spiritual in their way of thinking, of seeing life, and of acting. He feels with your long background of spiritual education and study, as a Christian and as a Bahà’i, that you can help the friends to deepen their knowledge and their inner life.’

Shoghi Effendi postscript -

I strongly feel that you should concentrate in the years to come, on writing for the Cause, whose literature you can, more than anyone else throughout the Bahà’i world, enrich. You should also, I feel, lend your valuable assistance in both the teaching and administrative fields, but only as subsidiary activities. I will pray for the success of your historic pamphlet, and fervently hope it will arouse the public and achieve a brilliant victory for the Faith, which you serve so well and love so dearly.

[to George Townshend, Dec 1948 or early 1949]

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