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USBN #228 February 1950 p4

"The names of those cited in Baha'u'llah's prayer in the Dispensation are quite correct as you gave them. (Abraham, Moses, Joseph, John (he Baptist, Christ, Muhammad, Imam Husayn, the Báb and Baha'u'llah)

"The Prophets 'regarded as one and the same person' include the lesser Prophets as well, and not merely those who bring a 'Book.' The station is different, but They are Prophets and Their nature thus different from that of ours.

"In the prayer mentioned above Baha'u'llah identifies Himself with Imam Husayn. This does not make him a Prophet, but his position was very unique, and we know Baha'u'llah claims to be the 'return' of the Imam Husayn. He. in other words, identifies His Spirit with these Holy Souls gone before, that does not, of course, make Him in any way their re-incarnation. Nor does it mean all of them were Prophets."

on February 8, 1949, to Mrs. Kathryn Frankland:

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