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USBN #224 October 1949 p3

"He assures you all he will pray for your success, and that you may win many victories for the Faith.

''He himself is frightfully busy these days with his routine work and the new and tremendous work of building the arcade of the Holy Shrine of the Bab. The degree to which you serve and assist the Cause there will lighten his load and help him, you may be sure, for much of his correspondence and time is taken up in attending to details which if the friends studied the Teachings and administration, and followed their precepts and laws, would never arise or need to be referred to him! So he urges you to study, ponder what you read, and do your part."

(signed) R. RABBANI

from letter by the Guardian dated March 6, 1949 to: " The attendants at the Regional Youth Conference held in Washington February 19, 1949”.

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