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USBN #224 October 1949 p4

Heart overflowing (with) joyous exaltation (on the) occasion (of the) holding (of the) Second European Teaching Conference celebrating attainment (of the) objectives (in the) historic Second Seven Year Plan (in) all (the) ten goal countries (of the) European continent.

(My) hopes fondly cherished (at the) inception (of the) transatlantic project (have been) fulfilled, nay far surpassed. (The) establishment (of) twelve assemblies, (the) formation (of) twenty-two additional groups (and) isolated centers ere (the) halfway mark (of the) Plan (has been) reached, constitute (an ) outstanding exploit, unparalleled since (the) inauguration (of) 'Abdu’l-Baha's Divine Plan, unsurpassed in vastness, range, (and) spiritual potency by any collective enterprise undertaken by (the) followers (of the) Faith (of) Baha'u'llah in any continent (of the) globe since (the) inception (of the) Formative Age (of) His Dispensation.

(I am) moved (to) offer (my) warmest congratulations (to the) American National Assembly (as the) trustees (of the) P lan, (to the) European Teaching Committee (as) its appointed executors, (to) all pioneers whether settlers or itinerant teachers, (to) all native believers both new (and) old, (to) all newly formed assemblies, (to) all groups (and) all isolated believers who directly (or) indirectly participated so valiantly (in) this unique, brilliant (and) greatest single victory since (the) P lan (was) set (in) motion .

(The) stage (is) set, (the) moment propitious for no less spectacular (an) exertion (of) effort, concentration (of) attention (and) expenditure (of) energy (during the) course (of the) final phase (of the) P lan (on the) European continent, aiming, though above (and) beyond (the) prescribed objectives, at (the) broadening (and) consolidation (of the) structural basis already laid: through (the) preservation (of the) prizes recently won, (the) conversion (of the) larger groups (into) . assemblies, (the) expansion (of the) recently instituted extension work, (the) increased participation (of the) native believers (in) both (the) administrative (and) teaching activities, (the) acceleration (of the) translation (and) publication (of) Baha'i literature, (the) gradual institution (of) regional summer schools, (the) promotion (of) closer fellowship (and) more active collaboration despite great distances, paucity (of) resources, diversity (and) range (of) customs (and) language among (the) budding communities, scattered (in the) north, west, south (and in the) heart (of the) European continent, which posterity will recognize (as the) bedrock (of) Baha'u'llah's fast evolving Administrative Order, (the) torchbearers (of) His embryonic World Order, (the) heralds (of the) yet unborn world civilization, amidst (the) turmoil (of the) travailing age, (and the) overspreading gloom (of the) present chaotic social (and) political order. Firmly knit (by the) sacred bonds (of a) spiritual fellowship more enduring, possessed of greater cohesive strength than any ties (of) kinship or race, (and) more potent (than) any social ideology or political alliance; deriving constant sustenance from (the) Mandate issued (from the) Pen (of the) Author (of the) Divine Plan; (and) assured (of the) overshadowing protection vouchsafed by (the) Lord (of the) Covenant Himself presiding (over the) Plan's unfolding destiny, let them, (on) this auspicious occasion, dedicate themselves, through their assembled representatives, (to the) dual task (of) steadily consolidating their infant strength (and) tirelessly diffusing (the) holy influences inherent (in) their mission, until (a) visionless, slumbering, spiritually-impoverished continent (is) awakened through (the) saving grace (of) Baha'u'llah's Revelation and its peace (and) security unassailably established through (the) redemptive power released through (the) emergence, of (the) institutions of (a) divinely appointed World Order.

(signed) SHOGHI

to Second European Teaching Conference in Brussels - Received July 29, 1949

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