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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp92

Lea Nys, 27 October 1949

Dear Bahà’i Sister:
The beloved Guardian has instructed me to answer your letter of October 2, enclosing that of Mr. E. Remacle, as well as the post card relevant to it.

I am sending you herewith his answer, which no doubt Mr. Remacle will share with you, and which explains his attitude towards the questions raised.

No pressure should be brought to bear on these kind and loving friends, to join the faith. This is a matter of conscience, and whatever their future attitude may be, the Bahàïs should continue to cooperate with them and show them great cordiality and friendship.

The Guardian is praying for their spiritual enlightenment, and also for the steady progress of your Assembly’s work in Brussels.

He was made most happy by the excellent reports of the Brussels Conference and the high praise bestowed upon the Brussels Bahà’is for all they did to make it such a success.

With Bahà’i love, R. Rabbání

Dear and valued co-workers:
I wish to assure you in person of my deep and heartfelt gratitude for your notable services to the Faith, and particularly in connection with the Brussels Conference. I feel truly proud of your accomplishments, and will supplicate the Beloved to bless richly your valuable and meritorious activities, and enable you in the days to come, to win still greater victories in the service o f His Faith. Your true and grateful brother, Shoghi

1949-10-27 to Lea Nys re don’t pressure people to become Baha’is

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