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Looking back in Wonder, Philip Hainsworth, p84-5

Dear Bahá’í Brother,

Your letters of January 4 and August 22, were received, and the beloved Guardian has been anticipating answering them for some time, but the pressure of his work has held up a lot of letters of late. He regrets the delay - the material you enclosed in them was also received and he thanks you for sending it.

Mrs Preston wrote the Guardian three letters about herself and her work - or contemplated work. She seems to be now ready to take hold and do some teaching, and the Guardian advised her about this, and also that she need not send any pamphlet to him for correction, but should consider the British National Spiritual Assembly the natural source of advice and help in these matters. He urged her, however, to keep in close contact with him.

The thing he is anxious to see is a pamphlet in Swahili (and as many other African languages as possible!). He was, therefore, very pleased over your action and leaves it to you to push the matter further. You should perhaps send a copy of your material to Mrs Preston for consultation. It seems her husband is helpful and speaks Swahili himself, so he could judge of any translation you get back.

It pleased the Guardian very much to hear your dear mother is so much better. You were blessed in your parents and he will pray she may be spared to you f6r many years to come. Give her his love.

As regards your own future plans: in view of the precarious state of the Plan in Britain he does not think you can at present decide what you will do when it is over. He advises you to wait until it is over and the needs of the immediate future take shape. The best general plan for you to make would be to contemplate getting work for the next year or so in the British Isles, to go on with your services for the Cause there, and keep in mind the desirability of going at a later date to some place in Africa to establish the Cause.

All that you have done and are doing he most deeply appreciates. You have been of invaluable assistance to the work there since you went back, and he envisages for you many future distinguished services.

With warmest Bahá’í love and greetings, R. Rabbání.

Dear and valued co-worker,

Your strenuous, valiant and persistent efforts, exerted with such zeal and devotion, to ensure the success of the Plan are, indeed, worthy of the highest praise. I increasingly admire your accomplishment and feel deeply thankful for the exemplary spirit you demonstrate. My fervent and loving prayers surround you in all your activities, and I feel confident that the Beloved is well pleased with the standard of your achievements. Persevere in your high and meritorious endeavours and be happy and confident always.

Your true and grateful brother, Shoghi.

1949-10-30 to Philip Hainsworth re his plans

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