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White and Negro Alike (Kindle edition), Audrey Mike

1950-03-19 to Ellsworth Blackwell re writing to NSA

Mr. Ellsworth Blackwell,

Dear Bahá’í Brother:

As our beloved Guardian is very busy these days, I will answer briefly your letter of December 1, 1949.

It is certainly permissible for a believer to write the N.S.A.

There are no dissenting votes in the Cause. When the majority of an assembly decides a matter, the minority, we are told by the Master, should accept this. To insist on having one’s dissenting vote recorded is not good, and achieves no constructive end. We must learn to look upon the laws of the Cause and administrative principles and not the short comings of the individual members of an assembly. He urges you not to distress yourself over these details, but pursue serenely your teaching of the Faith which is the most important work of all.

With Bahá’í love,

R. Rabbani

Assuring you of my loving prayers for your success & the realization of every hope you cherish in the service of our beloved faith,

Your true brother,


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