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Looking back in Wonder, Philip Hainsworth, p84-5

Dear Bahá’í Brother,

Your letters, dated October 16 and December 7 and 12, 1949, and March 12 1950, have been received, as well as St Barbe Baker’s letter to you.

The beloved Guardian, having been in touch with you by cable, and being more over-worked this year than ever, delayed answering. You know, from what you saw here, how inefficient - to understate the matter - his servants are. The work at the shrines has vastly increased and of necessity, for as the first part of the building will soon be finished, the grounds around it have been entirely remodelled to fit it better and show it off. All this he has been forced to superintend and plan personally. The attacks and status of the enemies you know about. So that in all he is very tired.

He was, however, cheered and pleased to hear about the new African language pamphlets. This is really a most valuable service you have rendered. As he cabled you, he does not feel an English pamphlet is essential now, and only adds to expenses. He thinks you should consult the NSA (after Plan’s end!) about points 1, 2, 3, regarding the type and printing extra material. Generally speaking, he feels some cards with the basic principles would be an advantage. He leaves all details about the appearance of these pamphlets to your judgement and any advice the NSA gives.

He was very happy to see St Barbe Baker and Mrs Preston had cooperated with you, and he would like you to particularly thank Mr Backwell Senior for his contribution in making the Hausa translation.

Although these three translations may not be perfect, they are an important beginning and give us a lever in hand, so to speak.

He admires your mother very much, and is delighted her operation was a success, and that she is back at your side. Regarding her home: he does not see why see feels compelled to part with it at this stage. Can she not derive an income from renting it temporarily until you both see clearly what your future plans are? Your loyalty and devotion are deeply appreciated, you may be sure.

With Bahá’í love, R. Rabbání.

May the Almighty bless, sustain, and guide you in your constant, and deeply appreciated labours, remove every obstacle in your path, and enable you to win still greater victories for His Faith and its nascent institutions.

Your true and grateful brother; Shoghi

1950-03-28 to Philip Hainsworth re strains Guardian facing

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