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USBN #236 October 1950 p1

Extend heartfelt greetings (to the) attendants (at the) third European Teaching Conference convened (in the) capital city (of) Denmark. (My) heart ( is) uplifted (in) thanksgiving (to the) Martyr-Prophet (of our) beloved Faith (on the) occasion (of the) first historic assemblage on Scandinavian soil, (on the) morrow (of the) centenary (of) His supreme sacrifice, representing diverse Baha'i communities (of the) eastern and western hemispheres. (I) joyfully acknowledge (the) first evidences (of the) answer (to the) prayer (of the) Center (of the) Covenant voiced (in) His Tablet over thirty years ago, supplicating (that) holy souls be raised up (to) promulgate (the) Faith (in) northern lands . (I) recall (with ) feelings (of) profound emotion Baha'u'llah 's own anticipation (of the) establishment (of) His Cause (in) lands (of the) extreme north (and) south through provision (in) His Most Holy Book (of the) specific ruling related (to the) ordinance (of) obligatory prayer s. (I am) highly gratified (to) witness (the) far-reaching effect (of the) magnificent response (by the ) American Baha'i community (to the) memorable summons issued (by the) Herald (of the) Faith (in) His Qayyumu'l-Asma', calling (the) peoples (of the) West (to) forsake (their) homes (to) assure (the) triumph (of) God's Cause. ( I ) welcome expansion (in) scope (of the) annual Conference through inauguration (of the) Summer School designed (to) prolong (the) sessions (of the) Conference , (to) stimulate (the) spirit (of) Baha'i fellowship , (to) deepen understanding (of the) fundamental .spiritual (and) administrative principles (of the) Faith, (to) fix (the ) pattern (of) future independent national Summer Schools (in the) ten European goal countries . (I ) appeal (to the) assembled representatives (of the) goal countries and through them (to the) entire body (of) believers (in the) respective homelands (to) rededicate themselves (to the) urgent tasks ahead (in the) course (of the) three coming years falling between (the) historic Centenaries (of the) Bab's martyrdom (and the) birth of Baha'u'llah's prophetic mission. Mindful (of the) struggles , sufferings (and ) sacrifices (of the) heroes , saints , (and) martyrs (of the) Faith (in the) opening phase (of the) Apostolic Age (of the) Baha'i Dispensation ; fully aware (of the) circumstances attending (the) launching (of the) transatlantic project amidst (the) confusion (and) prostration afflicting (the) war-torn continent ; heartened (by the) signal initial success achieved (in the) years immediately succeeding (the) inauguration (of the) project, let them, undaunted (by the) perils (of the) progressively deteriorating international situation, pursue relentlessly (their) allotted tasks through rapid increase (in) membership, effective promotion (of the) recently initiated extension work, consolidation (of) all administrative agencies , energetic dissemination (of) Baha'i literature, closer collaboration (with) sister Communities (in the) European continent, greater awareness (of their) inescapable responsibilities , deeper understanding (of the) verities (of) Baha’u'llah's Revelation, (of) His Covenant, World Order, (and) above all , through constant daily effort aiming (at the) enrichment (of the) spiritual life (of the) individual, constituting (the) sole foundation whereon (the) stability (of the) structure (of) every Administrative edifice must depend .


Haifa , July 20 , 1950.

to the Third Baha'i European Teaching Conference Copenhagen, Denmark

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