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USBN #286 December 1954 p1

"In regard to the question you have asked him: you are naturally quite free to do as you please; he can only give you his sincere advice. He feels that before coming to any decision you should think clearly about the matter and not be governed entirely by emotions.

"In accepting Baha'u'llah you have accepted Christ in His appearance as the Father, as He Himself so clearly foretold. The Catholic Church does not believe this ; on the contrary, it still awaits the return of Christ. If you decide, in order to be buried next to your dear husband, to return to the church, you either would have to, in good faith, deny Baha'u'llah or you would be just using the church as a means to satisfying a desire of your own, which would certainly not be an upright and conscientious thing to do .

"When you think that your husband's soul is now free of the limitations of this world, and that he no doubt is beginning to see religious truth in its true light and to appreciate the station of Baha'u'llah, you should ask yourself whether he would wish you to leave the truth for this day and re-enter the church just for the sake of your dust being near his dust? Your spirit, when you pass away, will be near his spirit; of what importance, then, is the body? He will pray for your guidance in this matter."

on the Guardian's behalf, dated July 28, 1950.

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