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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp96-7

Ned Blackmer, 5 September 1950

Dear Bahà’i Brother:

Your letter of August 8 has been received and our beloved Guardian has instructed me to answer it in his behalf.

He feels that as long as your dear mother, so devoted and heroic in her service to the Faith, is in good health, able to support herself and happy you are doing this valuable pioneer work, you should remain in Europe. Your pioneer activities are very much needed and in remaining you are also saving the Fund the extra expense of sending someone to take your place.

The attitude of your non-Bahà’i relatives is quite understandable, but the Guardian feels this is a matter which lies between you and your mother to decide, both being so united in spirit and so dedicated to the Cause of God.

He will pray for you both, and that your relatives may come to see the rightness of your acts.

With Bahà’i love, R. Rabbání

May the Beloved bless your high endeavours, enable you to enrich the record of your splendid services, and aid you to win still greater victories for this glorious Faith and its infant institutions. Your true and grateful brother; Shoghi

1950-09-05 to Ned Blackmer re responsibilities to family

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