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October 30, 1950,

Dear Bahá’í Friends,

Our beloved Guardian was very happy to receive your letter of September 10, which unfortunately took some time to reach him, or he would have answered sooner.

He is delighted over the success you have met with in your teaching efforts there, and very deeply appreciates the sacrifices you and your dear wife have made in order to render our Faith, and your people, this valuable service. He does not feel it is right for you and your family to impoverish yourselves further in order to remain on the Reservation; on the other hand your being there and living amongst the people is undoubtedly the best way to teach them. He, therefore, suggests you present your problem and your own suggestions to the N.S.A. of Canada, and seek their advice and help.

He will pray that a way may open for you to earn your living properly, and also continue among the Indians.

He sends you and your family his love.

In His service, R. Rabbani

With the assurance of my abiding and deepest appreciation of your services to our beloved Faith, of my heartfelt admiration for the spirit that animates you and of my ardent prayers for the success of every effort you exert for its promotion and consolidation. Your true and grateful brother, Shoghi

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