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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp96-7

Jeanne Boekhoudt, 2 November 1950

Dear Bahà’i Sister:

Your letter of October 6 was received by our beloved Guardian, and he has instructed me to answer you on his behalf.

He was very pleased to see you are working now and that you have also a dear Bahà’i sister there to assist you and labour with you to establish eventually a Spiritual Assembly there in the Hague.

The Guardian feels that the question of the Clarks remaining in Holland or leaving is a matter which the European Teaching Committee must decide. You must always remember that this Committee is responsible for 10 countries, and they are often forced to take away the strongest pioneers they have and transfer them to a weak place which is not progressing satisfactorily or is in danger.

All Bahà’i Communities suffer setbacks and growing pains, have problems to meet and tests. This is inevitable; but the remedy is to do ones best, with love and patience, and seek to adjust our problems in the frame-work of the administration. He realizes this is not always easy! But it is required of us, and will lead to great things in the future.

He urges you to continue your teaching of the Faith there, with a peaceful heart, confident Bahá’u’lláh will help you and bless you.

With Bahà’i love, R. Rabbání

May the Almighty bless, sustain and guide you, and enable you to promote, at all times, the vital interests of His Faith and of its God-given institutions. Your true brother, Shoghi

1950-11-02 to Jeanne Boekhoudt re the Clarks and the Faith in Holland

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