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Claire Gung: Mother of Africa, Adrienne Morgan, p15-16

1951-01-XX to Claire Gung on pioneering to Africa (Tanganyika)

[The Guardian was] very glad you wrote to him and exposed your heart to him

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It is such seemingly weak instruments that demonstrate that God is the Power achieving the victories . . . your services will be a witness to the power of Bahà’u’llàh . . .

. . . you will ever-increasingly be sustained and you will find joy and strength given to you, and God will reward you. You will pass through these dark hours triumphant. The first Bahà’i going on such an historic mission could not but suffer, but the compensation will be great.’

May the Almighty abundantly reward you for your exemplary response, guide every step you take, bless every effort you exert and enable you to win great and memorable victories in this new field of Bahà’i activity, and thus ennoble the glorious work you have initiated in the service of His precious Faith.

Your true brother, Shoghi.

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