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USBN #245 July 1951 p4

"He feels that the statement which your Assembly made in your letter to him ... regarding Baha'is cooperating with peace and world unity conferences covers the subject adequately. There is no reason to draw a line of demarcation as to whether the type of world federation being promoted by a certain society involves governments or peoples. The point is that rf it is not allied to any particular political faction, and is not either 'eastern' or 'western' in its projects, the Baha'is may appear as speakers on its platform and give it moral support."

March 29, 1951:

[response to USNSA policy - - - -

" That Baha'i cooperation can be extended to peace and world unity conferences where the Baha'i attitude ca!l be presented without restriction, and where the Baha'i participants are not involved in any political or radical action contrary to the Baha'i principles establishing loyalty to civil government and non-participation in subversive movements.”]

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