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USBN National Baha’i Review #110 June 1976 p1-2

"Under ordinary circumstances, non-Baha'is as well as Baha'is have to make many choices in life between what they consider their duty and what might lead to a more ideal personal state for them. Prayerfully, wisely and conscientiously, individuals must settle these matters for themselves.

"Wherever there is a Baha'i family, those concerned should by all means do all they can to preserve it, because divorce is strongly condemned in the Teachings, whereas harmony, unity and love are held up as the highest ideals in human relationships. This must always apply to the Baha'is, whether they are serving in the pioneering field or not.”

(From a letter dated April 5, 1951, written on behalf of the Guardian to the National Spiritual Assembly of Central America)

1951-04-05 to an NSA on preserving marriages

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