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USBN #247 September 1951 p1

Dear Baha'i Brother:

Your letter of May 2nd was received by our beloved Guardian and brought him great joy.

The decision you have taken to go to Africa and teach the Cause is momentous and is worthy of the great race you belong to. The Guardian has been eagerly awaiting a Negro pioneer, and feels that Baha'u'llah will surely bless your enterprise and assist you in this work y"ou are planning for His Faith.

You are fortunate to have a wife by your side kindled with the same enthusiasm and determination, and your joint labours will be a tremendous asset to the new campaign in Africa.

The Guardian has recently called upon India and Persia to open up further territories, and he feels that this pioneer effort-the first in Baha'i history linking five NSA's in an international undertaking-is truly historic and of the greatest importance.

He will ardently pray that the way may speedily open for you to go to a goal country in Africa, and he urges you to persevere in your efforts. We all have weak points , but when we arise to serve Baha'u'llah He helps us overcome them in a truly miraculous way!

With warmest Baha'i love,

(Signed) R. RABBANI

(In the Guardian's handwriting)

May the Almighty bless, guide and sustain you always, enabl~ you to fulfill your heart's desire, set a noble example to the Negro believers, and win great and memorable victories in that promising Continent.

Your true brother,


to Mr. Wiiliam Foster: Dated June 4, 1951

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