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Divine Springtime - Louise Coswell Recalls , pp83-86

National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahà’ís of Meso-America and the Antilles.

Dear Bahà’í Friends:

Your letter of May 5, 1951, as well as the r e port of the convention and minutes of your first Assembly meeting, and the photographs you sent, have reached our beloved Guardian, and he has instructed me to answer you on his behalf.

It gives him very great happiness to address this first litter to your Assembly, newly come into the field of international service to the Faith, and so ready and eager to embark upon its truly historic tasks.

The believers of Central and South America are embarking upon their services at a most important time, not only in the history of this great Cause, but also in the history of mankind. Never has the outlook in this physical world been darker - wi|h the shadow of perhaps another devastating conflict lengthening on the horizon - never the spiritual promise greater, for we see the Message of Bahà'u'llah at last spreading all over the globe and planting its banner in the most distant countries.

The opportunities for this new National Assembly to distinguish itself are therefore unique and its privileges priceless. He feels sure that the Latin American believers are going to demonstrate their readiness and capacity in such a way as to rejoice their fellow-Bahà'is and the heart of the beloved Master.

Like the United States and Canada, Latin America is the New World; it has the freshness of youth, and far from such ancient civilizations as those of Europe and Asia, with their interminable problems and grievances, it can undertake service to Bahà'u'llah under more auspicious circumstances.

He feels that your Assembly must, now at the very beginning of its work, devote its energy primarily to laying a sound and abiding foundation for the future. What does this imply?

First and foremost establishing harmony, love and understanding amongst the Bahà’ís under its jurisdiction. When the friends are united in the love of God all problems can be solved and all work carried out with success. Personal problems, differences 84 of race, nationality, origin, are dissolved in the crucible of Bahà’í brotherhood.

Second, the teaching work: The local assemblies must be maintained and strengthened and the groups encouraged and protected, so that they may attain assembly status as soon as possible; extension teaching work must also be undertaken and news of the existence of this Faith broadcasted as much as possible

Third: The National Fund must be supported. The friends are for the most part, not well-to-do, but they must realize that to give to the Fund, even in a small way, is the important thing, for it is a visible sign of their unity, their devotion, their desire to support the institutions which now represent them and belong to them.

Fourth: Your Assembly, in conjunction with that of South America, should devote particular attention to Bahà’í literature, as in the past the publication of really adequate translations and their dissemination have been often delayed and the books inferior in style. The Spanish speaking Bahà'is, becoming more numerous all the time, have a right to possess the literature of the Faith, so infinitely rich and inspiring, in their own tongue and well translated.

The Guardian feels that during the coming few years, your Assembly should not hesitate to lean on and consult the American Assembly. This in no way implies any weakness or inadequacy on your part but is logical and organic. The American National Spiritual Assembly is one of the oldest in the Bahà’í world, it has gone through a lot, and consequently acquired an experience which cannot be obtained over-night. It also looks upon with pride, affection, and concern this beautiful daughter, so>to speak, that it has brought into being . So your tie vs a deep and natural one.

Shoghi Effendi is also most anxious for the Message to reach the aboriginal inhabitants of the Americas. These people, for the most part down-trodden and ignorant, should receive from the Bahà’ís a special measure of love, and every effort be made to teach them. Their enrollment in the Faith will enrich them and us, and demonstrate our principle of the Oneness of Man far better than words or the wide conversion of the ruling races ever can.

With warm Bahà’í love,

(Signed) R. Rabbani

1951-07-11 to Meso-America/Antilles NSA re Goals of two year plan

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