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Looking back in Wonder, Philip Hainsworth, p127-8

Dear Bahá’í Friends,

Your letter made our beloved Guardian very happy. His thoughts - and hopes - are constantly focused these days on the wonderful work opening up in Africa, and he rejoiced to see so many of you united there in Tanganyika.

Truly this Cause moves forward propelled by forces more than we can see or grasp; God has surely raised you up and given you this blessed privilege, this unique privilege, of kindling the Light of His Faith there and writing your name in history.

How significant that the first group to be formed in the heart of Africa is composed of believers from the East and the West, united, working side by side to bring the Message of the Blessed Beauty to one of the great waiting races of the world, hitherto oppressed and disregarded, but now being offered the waters of life and a wonderful future.

You may be sure your activities will be supported by his special and fervent prayers, and that he awaits with keen interest news of every new development in your work.

While being wise and tactful you should, however, never lose sight of the fact that it is to the African peoples, primarily, that your mission is addressed. To bring them into our world-wide brotherhood is your duty and privilege.

With warm Bahá’í love,

R. Rabbání.

Dear and valued co-workers,

I was so pleased to receive your letter and am greatly encouraged by your exemplary and magnificent response. You have indeed set a noble example, and the record of your services will, 1 trust, enrich the annals of the Faith. Persevere in your labours, and rest assured that the Beloved will watch over you and sustain and guide you your historic and highly meritorious activities.

Your true and grateful brother,


1951-07-27 to Baha’is of Dar-es-Salaam re first group formed in heart of Africa

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