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Looking back in Wonder, Philip Hainsworth, p124-5

Dear Bahá’í Brother,

Your letters dated June 8 and 28, July 5 and 17, with enclosures, have been received, and the beloved Guardian has instructed me to answer you on his behalf. I am also enclosing two receipts.

He was very sorry to hear of the sudden death of Mr Preston - a great blow for his poor wife. She will need the love and help of the friends in Africa very much at present.

Regarding the question you asked about funds for the Shrine being sent from Egypt: the friends must not do anything illegal; if they can remit via England legally, they can do so, otherwise they should let it accumulate in Egypt for the present.

You may mail him the reports from Egypt.

He feels you and Mr Nakhjavání should encourage the Persian boys in Geneva. All he ever asks of the friends is to be true Bahà’is, and if the Persian students would thoughtfully grasp his instructions regarding the administrative relation of believers in the goal countries to the ETC and the American NS A the trouble would no doubt not have arisen. These students have a high responsibility; the western Bahá’is look to the Persians and they should, instead of being proud and often disputatious, show a spirit of loving consideration and a submission to the proper administrative authority. Needless to say they should exemplify the BaháT life - which, alas, many of them did not.

He was very sorry tq hear your dear mother is ill. She has truly shown an exemplary BaháT spirit in every way and it is easy to see a lot of your own characteristics of faith and courage come from this fine woman. You have every reason to be proud of her! He trusts, and is praying, she may recover and later join you. But whatever happens, her reward at the hands of the true Beloved is certainly assured. He wishes more of the BaháTs would arise to such heights of devotion and sacrifice.

The progress being made in Africa is truly miraculous, as if a special benediction from on High is being extended to this work. Please give his love to the devoted Banánís and tell them the services they are rendering are imperishable and deeply appreciated by him.

He feels sure that the work in Uganda will now go forward rapidly.

The news from Dar is wonderful, too.

Your eager spirit has led you back to Africa and he cherishes the hope that you may prove to be a spiritual Stanley of Africa.

His loving prayers are with you,

With Bahà’i love.

P.S. The racial question all over Africa is very acute, but, while being wise and tactful, the believers must realise that their standard is far from that of the white colonials. They have not gone there to uphold the white man’s supremacy, but to give the Cause of God to, primarily, the black man whose home is Africa.

Dear and prized co-worker,

The work you have achieved since your departure from the Holy Land, in the service of our beloved Faith, evokes, through its range and quality, my profound admiration and heartfelt gratitude. The services you are now rendering in Africa, ennoble and enrich this record of notable achievements. You are often in my thoughts and prayers, and I cherish the brightest hopes for your future activities, and will continue to pray from the depths of my heart for your dear self as well as for your dear mother.

Your true and grateful brother,


1951-08-30 to Philip Hainsworth re teaching in Africa

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