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USBN #249 November 1951 p3

Acclaim joyous occasion (of the) convocation on Dutch soil (of the) historic European Teaching Conference , constituting yet another link (in the) chain (of) annual gatherings (of the) representatives (and) followers (of the) Faith (of) Baha'u'llah (in the) ten European goal countries as well as (in) Baha'i communities (of the) Eastern (and) Western hemispheres, stop.

Heart dilated , spirit uplifted (by the) contemplation (of the) range (and) quality (of the) service rendered; (by the) spirit demonstrated, (by the) degree (of) maturity attained (in the) diversified budding, virile communities rightly regarded (as the) first fruits (of the) operation (of) 'Abdu'l-Baha's Divine Plan (on the) European continent stop.

Welcome with feeling (of) particular gratification (the) participation (of the) newly enrolled Dutch, Danish (and) Portuguese believers (in the) enterprises initiated (by the) Indian , Canadian, British, Baha'i communities (in) Indonesia , Greenland (and) African continent, presaging undertakings destined (to) be systematically launched (by the) elected representatives (of the) newly emerged European communities throughout the remaining countries (of) Europe and possibly, beyond its confines, stop.

(The) concluding years (of the) second seven year plan must witness within each (and) every goal country, notable multiplication (of) centers, steady consolidation (of the) Assemblies, rapid increase (in the) number (of the) avowed supporters (of the) Faith, (a) clearer vision (of the) strenuous tasks ahead, deeper awareness (of) their significance, (a) firmer resolve (toward) their prosecution (and a) greater dedication (to) their purpose, stop.

Signal, wholly unexpected, manifold achievements, illuminating (the) annals (of the) first five years (of the) operation (of the) second seven year plan embolden me (to) confidently anticipate, upon (the) termination (of the) brief span (of the) remaining two years , (the) gradual formation (of) regional National Assemblies (as) prelude (to the) emergence (of a) separate National Assembly (in) each goal country as well as (the) launching (of) organized campaigns, in collaboration (with the) parent community (of the) great republic of the West (in) conjunction (with the) long standing, preeminent national community laboring (in the) heart (of the) European continent, aiming (at the) spiritual conquest (of the) remaining sovereign states (of) Europe and, God willing, reaching beyond its borders as far as (the) heart (of the) Asiatic continent, stop.

Interval separating us (from the) inauguration (of) yet another stage (in the) unfoldment (of the) Divine Plan (is) swiftly diminishing, stop.

(The) perils confronting (the) sorely tried continent (are) steadily mounting, stop.

(The) auspiciously inaugurated, mysteriously unfolding, highly promising widely ramified crusade, embracing well nigh (a) score of dependencies (on the) African continent presenting (to the) privileged prosecutors (of the) Divine Plan (in the) European field (a) challenge at once severe, soul-stirring (and) inescapable , stop.

(The) future edifice (of the) Universal House of Justice, depending for its stability on (the) sustaining strength (of the) pillars erected (in the) diversified communities (of the) East (and) West, destined (to) derive added power through (the) emergence (of the) three National Assemblies (on the) American continents awaits (the) rise (of the) establishment (of) similar institutions (on the) European mainland, each depending directly (on the) efforts now consciously exerted by (the) champion builders (of the) Administrative Order (of the) Faith (of) Baha'u'llah (on the) European continent, stop.

May (the) Conference be aided through (the) outpouring grace (of the) author (of the) Revelation (to) hasten, through (the) deliberations (and) consecration (of its) attendants , so blissful (a) consummation, (to) lend unprecedented impetus (to the) present evolution (of the) Administrative Order and (to) accelerate (the) progress leading (to the) future emergence (of the) World Order of Baha'u'llah.


To the Fourth European Teaching Conference,

Amsterdam, Holland, August 31, to September 10, 1951

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