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Looking back in Wonder, Philip Hainsworth, p129

Dear Bahá’í Friends,

Your letter of 9 September brought great joy to the heart of our beloved Guardian.

He was particularly pleased to see you have been granted visas to remain there, and also to hear dear Philip has got a job, which he hopes will make things easier for him, and also release funds for the support of other pioneers.

The Guardian attaches the greatest importance to your presence in Uganda, and feels that your group, and the prospect of an Assembly in Tanganyika, have now firmly established the opening phase of the African work, so important, and so evidently blessed from on High.

His thoughts and prayers are constantly with you all, and the historic services you are rendering are deeply appreciated by him, and by all the Bahà’is in East and West.

He feels sure you will be successful, and is eager to receive news of the progress of your work.

With Bahá’í love, R Rabbáni

May the spirit of Bahâ’u’llâh sustain and overshadow you always, aid you to extend steadily the range of your historic and exemplary activities and services, consolidate your splendid achievements, and enrich the annals of our glorious Faith, now entering upon so important a state in its evolution in the African continent Your true and grateful bother, Shoghi.

1951-10-02 to Baha’is of Kampala

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