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USBN #252 February 1952 p1

He was very pleased to have the first pioneer from America go forth under this organized African campaign; he was doubly happy that it should have been an American Negro who went. This is highly appropriate and surely has delighted the heart of 'Abdu'l-Baha who watched over that race with particular love, tenderness and understanding. The ever-increasing part the colored friends are taking in the work of the Cause, and especially of late years in the pioneer work, gratifies the Guardian immensely. And now, to add further to the record of their services, they can count a member of their race a Hand of the Cause. When we read in the Will and Testament how great is the function of the Hands, we appreciate to what an exalted station our dear brother Louis Gregory has attained.

"The Guardian hopes that now the American Baha'is have arisen and started on their pioneer work in Africa they will go on with it at an accelerated pace."


November 23, 1951.

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