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Looking back in Wonder, Philip Hainsworth, p144-5

Dear Bahá’í Friends,

Your letter of 3 December with report for November enclosed, reached the beloved Guardian; as well as the photograph showing the participants in the Louis Gregory Memorial Meeting; and he has instructed me to write you on his behalf.

Your news thrilled him; and when he saw the faces of the two first African Bahà’is resulting from this great African Teaching Campaign, his heart was filled with joy and gratitude.

The privilege you are all having of serving there is very great; however so meritorious is this service in the eyes of Bahà’u’llàh, that His bounties and blessings seem to be visibly showering upon you all.

The Guardian hopes that the Africa Conference will be an outstanding success; and that by that time there will be many negro and white African Bahá’is attending it as of right, on their own soil. Please tell the new believers that the Guardian extends his personal welcome to them into the service of the Faith of Bahà’u’ilàh, and assures them that he is praying that they may render this Cause, which has been brought to them by loving and devoted hearts from overseas, great services; and that they may be the means of attracting many more of their countrymen to this Message, which can alone ensure the peace and brotherhood of mankind.

The Guardian’s thoughts and prayers are often with you all, and he sends you all his loving greetings.

With Bahá’í love, R. Rabbání

May the almighty whose Faith you are promoting with such zeal, devotion and exemplary perseverance and courage, reward you abundantly for your truly meritorious, historic and valuable labours, guide and sustain you continually, and aid you to consolidate your achievements and win great and memorable victories in the service of his glorious Faith. Your true and grateful brother, Shoghi.

1952-01-01 welcome to Kampala Baha’i group

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