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USBN #254 April 1952 p3

“Deeply appreciate Assembly’s readiness assume preponderating role (in) world-wide gigantic tasks challenging entire Baha’i world. Praying unprecedented blessings.”

On January 29

This message was in reply to a cablegram addressed to Shoghi Effendi from the meeting held January 25-27: “Hearts united (in) prayerful deliberation (of your) global teaching messages. Moved again assure Guardian (of) full acceptance (of) preponderating role. Completely accept One of a series of four photographs sent recently by the Guar- any new territorial assignments whenever conferred. showing the progress of the work on the Shrine of the Báb.

First step, United States Intercontinental Teaching Committee for twofold role planning participation Conferences and carrying forward teaching missions assigned.

Members thrilled (at) glorious opportunity, will strive (to) fulfill trusteeship (of) Divine Plan. Devoted Love.”

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