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Looking back in Wonder, Philip Hainsworth, p146-7

Dear Bahá’í Brother,

Your letter of January 23rd has reached the beloved Guardian; and he has instructed me to answer you on his behalf.

He feels that you should by all means continue your government service, unless some better field of activity, with even more financial security attached, should turn up. As long as the Government does not object to your Bahà’i activities in your spare time, it would seem it adds prestige to the Cause, to have an active member of it an official.

He considers that you have no grounds whatsoever for feeling discouraged or discontented with yourself. He personally is well pleased with you and what you have accomplished, and confident of what you will accomplish in the days to come. He urges you to go forward with a happy and reassured heart; and he very deeply appreciates your spirit and your services.

With warm Bahá’í love, R. Rabbání

PS. The Egyptian papers were received.

May the Beloved, whose Cause you serve with such perseverance, ability and devotion, abundantly reward you for your highly meritorious labours and aid you to enrich continually the record of your splendid services,

Your true and grateful brother, Shoghi.

1952-02-06 encouragement to Philip Hainsworth

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