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1952-02-15 invites Leroy Ioas to BWC as secretary-general of International Council

In considering the entire situation here the Guardian has decided, as he cabled you, that it is not advisable to spend the time and money to merely come here for a few days’ visit and consultation. What he needs, I might almost say desperately, is a capable, devoted believer to come and really take the work in hand here, relieve him of constant strain and details, and act as the secretary general of the International Bahà’i Council. If you will accept to do this it would be rendering him and the Faith an invaluable service. … .

[various problems] are causing him the greatest anxiety, and if you are going to be able to come and accept this vital service, then the sooner you can arrange to do so, the better. If after some months of service here, you need to return to further arrange your affairs, this would be preferable to a long delay at this juncture.

[Leroy Ioas: Hand of the Cause of God, Chapman, p157]

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