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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp109-10

Luis de Frètes, Spiritual Assembly of the Bahà’is of Amsterdam, 27 March 1952

Dear Bahà’i Brother:

Our beloved Guardian has received your letter of February 14th, and I have been instructed to answer you on his behalf.

He is indeed very happy to hear with what love the friends are working together, and that others have felt this unity of spirit and have joined your ranks. Please express to them a warm welcome from the Guardian, and tell them he hopes they will, in the days to come, render great services to the Cause of God.

He wishes me to express to you his appreciation for the publicity which you sent, which is most interesting.

The news of the rapid progress of the faith in the many European countries is most stimulating; and the Guardian will supplicate in the Holy Shrines that the devoted believers in Holland may receive such confirmation in their teaching work as to amaze themselves and their co-workers in other lands.

With warm Bahà’i greetings, R. Rabbání

P.S. Enclosed is a brief note to the Bahà’is who were present at the Feast of Sovereignty in Amsterdam.

Assuring you of my loving and abiding appreciation of your splendid services, of my fervent prayers for the extension of your valued activities, and the realization of every hope you cherish for the consolidation of the institutions of our glorious Faith. Your true and grateful brother, Shoghi

1952-03-27 to Luis de Frètes re progress of Faith

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