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USBN #258 August 1952 p13

Haifa, Israel

June 5, 1952

Mrs. Marie Rice, Secretary

Africa Teaching Committee.

Dear Baha'i Sister:

Your letter of February 13, 1952 has been received by' the beloved Guardian, and he has instructed me to write you on his behalf. He has also in hand the enclosures which you sent him .

He was delighted to hear of the news in Liberia. Mr. Foster's dedication and consecration are certainly beginning to bear fruit, and he feels sure that there will be great results achieved there in the future.

He urges your Committee to try to get out to Africa as many new pioneers during the coming year as possible, in order to bolster the work, preparatory to the holding of the Africa Conference next February.

In view of the fact that there seems to be the possibility of difficulties arising about holding the Intercontinental Teaching Conference in Kampala, he urges you to keep in closest touch with the British Africa Committee, and to do all you can to cooperate with them in solving any problems, as of course they are the convenors of the Conference.

When you write to the Collisons and to Mr. Foster and to the new Baha'i in Liberia, please convey to them the Guardian's loving greetings , and assure them of how delighted he is with the services they are rendering, and that he remembers them in his prayers.

He is most happy over the work your Committee is accomplishing, and feels that still more will undoubtedly be done during this coming year.

With Baha'i love ,

(Signed) R. Rabbani

"May the Almighty bless you and your dear co-workers to aid you to extend continually the range of your activities, and enable you to win great and memorable victories in the days to come.

Your true brother,


1952-06-05 Delighted To Hear Liberian News

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