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USBN #257 July 1952 p2

"The Latin American Communities are still on the threshold of the international Baha'i life ; he feels sure that they will rapidly grow into it. Compared with the length of time it took the North American, the British and the French communities to grow up and spread, their growth is like lightning. As the Cause spreads all over the world its rate of acceleration increases too , and new centers in Africa , in some mysterious way have spiritual repercussions which aid in forming new centers everywhere."

The specific advice addressed to South America was written in the Guardian's own hand:

" ... their members must, as the present year unfolds , display an extraordinary degree of consecration and intensify to an unprecedented extent, their activities for the multiplication of Baha'i centers, for the enrichment of their spiritual lives, for the consolidation of their newly-born institutions, for the dissemination of the literature of the Faith, for the fresh links binding them to their spiritual brethren overseas and for a further understanding of the aims and purposes of the order within whose Orbit they function and of the Covenant under whose sheltering shadow they labor."

June 30 1952 to the National Spiritual Assebly ' of South America

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