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USBN #257 July 1952 p2

"Mature teachers are the greatest need of the Faith everywhere, and no doubt in your area too. One wise and dedicated soul can so often give life to an inactive community, bring in new people, and inspire to greater sacrifice. He hopes that whatever you are able to do during the coming months, you will be able to keep in circulation a few really good Baha'i teachers .

"He was delighted to receive the documents concerning your incorporation and feels this is a great step forward."

In the Guardian's hand:

" The two year Plan you have spontaneously initiated, the vigor with which you are prosecuting it, the noble aim that has animated you ever since its adoption , the vigilance and thoroughness with which you endeavor to safeguard the interests of the nascent institutions of the Faith, to promote their welfare and consolidate their foundations. merit the highest praise."

to the National Spiritual Assembly of Central America June 30, 1952

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