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USBN #263 January 1953 p2

"He has a suggestion to make to you, that, instead of calling yourselves " The Young American Class" you call yourselves the "Junior Pioneer Class." This is a much more interesting name because the next ten years , during which you will become grown up men and women, is an age of pioneering for Baha'u'llah, and you can start studying and preparing yourselves for the thrilling work that lies ahead.

"You should get yourselves a big world map, and start marking on it all the places the Guardian is going to choose for Baha'i pioneers to go to, and, who knows, maybe some of you will choose a thrilling corner of the globe you want to be the pioneer in when, in a few years , you are old enough to have finished your studies and start out on a career.

" Someone will go to Tibet, and the Islands of the Pacific, and many strange lands in Africa-why not one of you? If you make up your mind hard enough and pray enough about it, God may help you to be that someone! ''

August 5, 1952, to Baha'i Sunday

School children in Washington, D. C.

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