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USBN #262 December 1952 p9

"During the next ten years, following our Holy Year so soon to begin, a tremendous amount of Bahá'í pioneer work must be done all over the world. Although there will be many of the older, more experienced friends going out to serve, he feels that the stirring tasks that lie ahead in difficult countries and climates are, par excellence, the kind of work young people can do.

"He, therefore, urges you to seriously consider the type of profession or trade that might ensure you a post in a pioneer field in Africa, or the Pacific Islands, or Asia, in which you could earn your living while serving the Cause as well. It is a great challenge, and a great opportunity offered your generation, and he looks forward to your future exploits in the service of Bahá’u’lláh with hope and confidence."

(From letter dated August 5, 1952, written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to the First Junior Youth Session of Louhelen Bahá'í School)

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