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USBN #264 February 1953 p1-2

Rejoice (to) share (with) Baha'i communities East (and) West thrilling reports (of) feats achieved (by the) heroic band (of) Baha'i pioneers laboring (in) divers widely-scattered African territories, particularly (in) Uganda, (in the) heart (of the) continent, reminiscent alike (of) episodes related (in the) Book (of) Acts (and the) rapid, dramatic propagation (of the) Faith (through the) instrumentality (of the) Dawn-Breakers (in the) Heroic Age (of the) Baha'i Dispensation. (The) marvelous accomplishments signalizing (the) rise (and) establishment (of the) administrative order (of the) Faith (in) Latin America (have been) eclipsed. (The) exploits immortalizing (the) recently launched crusade (in the) European continent (have been) surpassed: (The) goal (of the) seven-month plan, initiated (by the) Kampala Assembly, aiming (at) doubling (the) twelve enrolled believers, (has been) outstripped. (The) number (of) Africans converted (in the) course (of the) last fifteen months, residing (in) Kampala (and) outlying districts, (with) Protestant, Catholic (and) Pagan backgrounds, lettered (and) unlettered, (of) both sexes, representative (of) no less (than) sixteen tribes, (has) passed (the) two hundred mark.

(The) effulgent rays (of) God's triumphant Cause, radiating (from the)· focal center (are) fast awaken- ing (the) continent (and) penetrating (at an) accelerating rate isolated regions unfrequented (by) white men (and) enveloping (with) their radiance souls hitherto' indifferent (to the) persistent humanitarian activities (of the) Christian missions (and the) civilizing influence (of the) civil authorities. No less (than) nine localities (will be) qualified (to) attain, (by this) coming Ridvan, Assembly status within (a) single territory (of the) long-slumbering continent.

Zanzibar, Madagascar, French Morocco, South Rhodesia, Italian Somaliland (are) already or soon (will) be opened (to the) Faith.

Desire (to) pay special tribute (to the) strenuous efforts exerted (by) Ali Nakhjavani, setting (an) example (of) dedication (and) freedom (from) prejudice (to) fellow pioneers laboring (in) inhospitable surroundings (and) confronted (by) manifold (and) formidable obstacles.

Planning (to) entrust (to the) special representative delegated (to) attend (the) approaching Kampala Conference (a) portrait (of the) holy Bab,(a) replica (of the). one deposited beneath (the) dome (of the) Mashriqu’l-Adhkar (in) Wilmette, to be exhibited (to the) assembled attendants (on the) historic occasion. Confident unveiling may draw newly recruited vanguard (of the) ever-swelling host (of) Baha 'u'llah, as well as all participating visitors, itinerant teachers (and) settlers, closer (to the) spirit (of the) Martyr-Prophet (of the) Faith (and) bestow everlasting benediction (on) all gathered (at the) memorable sessions (of the) epoch-making Intercontinental Conference dedicated (to the) prosecution (of the) latest, most glorious crusade launched (in the) course (of) eleven decades (of) Baha'i history.

(signed) SHOGHI

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