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USBN #267 June 1953 p5-6

Hail (with) feelings (of) joy pride (and) gratitude (the) convocation amidst (the) celebrations (of the) Holy Year (in the) heart (of the) Italian peninsula (the) first historic Baha'i Convention, comprising (the) elected delegates (of the) steadily unfolding highly promising ItalianSwiss Baha'i communities . Acclaim (the) gathering (of the) fairest fruit (of the) initial enterprise launched (in the pursuance (of) 'Abdu'l-Baha's Divine Plan (in the) European continent. Heartily congratulate (the) assembled representatives (of these) two outstanding communities (of the) ten European goal countries (in the) rapid rise (of the) administrative order (of the) Faith (in the) heart (and) south (of the) continent, enabling them (to) outstrip (their) sister communities (and to) set (the) example (by the) erection (of a) pillar (of the) Universal House (of) Justice (the) third (in) Europe (and) twelfth (in the Baha'i World . (The) National Assembly now being constituted (is) regarded (as a) stepping stone (in the) formation (of the) course (of the) impending decadelong crusade (of) two independent National Spiritual Assemblies, destined (to) each lend (an) impetus (to the) unfoldment (and) consolidation (of) Baha'u'llah 's embryonic World Order.

(This) infant institution (is) invested (on the) morrow (of) its emergence (with) two vital functions , (to) stimulate (the) propagation (of the) Faith (and to) consolidate (its) institutions (over the) length (and) breadth (of) Switzerland (and the) Italian Peninsula. (The) Ten Year Plan (the) newly born National Spiritual Assembly (is) called upon (to) prosecute involves , first , (the) formation (and) incorporation (of) independent National Spiritual Assemblies (in) Italy (and) Switzerland, second, (the) consolidation (of the) Faith (on the) island (of) Corsica, third , (the) opening (of the) virgin territories (of) Sicily, Sardinia , Rhodes, San Marino, Monaco (and) Lichtenstein. Fourth, quadrupling (the) number (of) local spiritual assemblies, trebling (the) number (of) localities (in) Italy (and) Switzerland, fifth, (the) purchase (of) land (in the) city (of) Rome (in) anticipation (of the) first Mashriqu’l-Adhkar (of) Italy, sixth, (the) incorporation (of the) spiritual assemblies (of the) leading cities (in) each country, seventh, (the) establishment (of) bell c r own of the lantern of the Dome. National Haziratu'l-Quds (in) Rome (and) Bern, eighth, (the) establishment (of the) first joint, subsequently separate summer schools, ninth, (the) establishment (of) national endowments (in) Italy (and) Switzerland, tenth, (the) formation (of a) European teaching committee empowered (to) stimulate (and) coordinate (the) activities initiated (for the) promotion (of the) teaching phase (of the) plan.

Fervently praying (that the) strenuous tasks shouldered (by the) youngest National Spiritual Assembly (of the) Baha'i World (will) be befittingly discharged, enabling it (to) contribute (a) distinct share (in the) world wide festivities which will commemorate (the) Hundredth Anniversary (of the) Declaration (of) Baha'u'llah's Mission (in the) city (of) Baghdad.

(Signed) SHOGHI

To The First Italo-Swiss Convention,

Florence, April 23-26, 1953

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