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USBN #269 July 1953 p2

''The beloved Guardian has been greatly enthused over the reports he has received of the Convention, Dedication of the Temple. and the Intercontinental Teaching Conference.

He was very happy to get your word of the 128 who volunteered for pioneer service.

"In connection with this word, he cabled you May 19, strongly urging the intending pioneers to scatter as widely as possible, and to settle even territories and islands not specifically assigned to the United States.

"The Guardian feels, now that the Ten Year Crusade has been so auspiciously launched, no time should be lost nor any stone left unturned, to hurry the completion of the first stage of the Plan. The impact with which the friends meet this great challenge, and the example which the American Baha'is show in actual deeds in carrying forward the Plan, will have a world effect.

"The Guardian feels that as the chief administrators of the Master's Divine Plan for the propagation of the Faith. the American Baha'is have great responsibility in the entire project, even though certain areas have been assigned to other National Assemblies. Thus the American National Assembly can and should send pioneers to other virgin areas, even though assigned to another National Assembly. This they can do, because of the mission the Master gave them. In fact. the Guardian would welcome most heartily, word of the placing of some pioneers in territories assigned other National Assemblies.

"This is the period of the scattering of the faithful, and the sooner they scatter, the better. particularly in virgin areas, all over the world. This is a sure way to bring to early completion the opening phase of the ten year Crusade.

"The Guardian would welcome early settlement in the South Pacific Islands, Africa (and he has mentioned especially Belgian Congo, French Somaliland, Ruanda Urundi, French Congo, Madagascar). (He feels there is no need for more pioneers at this time in South Africa, other than those already arranged.) He likewise has mentioned the Cameroons, Togoland. and areas where new National Assemblies are to be created.

"Now is the time for the American Baha'is to show their spiritual primacy - they should spread over the face of the earth, not only concentrating on the areas assigned to them, but sending pioneers wherever they can, and the sooner the better, and the wider the extent, the better.

"You may be sure the beloved Guardian will pray ardently for the success of your efforts, and those of all the American Baha'is."

May 22, 1953:

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