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USBN #269 July 1953 p2-3

" Our beloved Guardian has been greatly encouraged by reports reaching him from all parts of the Baha'i world. especially from America, of the victories already gained, and the plans being laid for the prosecution of the Ten Year Crusade.

''They have evoked his awe-inspiring, and soul-stirring cablegram of May 28th, calling for the immediate settlement of all the 131 virgin areas of the Plan, just as quickly as possible. He is convinced that the friends will arise and translate their enthusiasm into action, because the keynote of the Crusade must be action, action, action!

"The settlement of these virgin areas is of such an emergency nature that he feels pioneering in one of them takes precedence over every other type of Baha'i service - whether it be in the teaching or administrative fields of the Faith. So important is it that the National Assembly may delay initiation of steps to fulfill other phases of the plan, until all these areas are conquered for the Faith. Nothing. absolutely nothing, must be allowed to interfere with the placing of pioneers in each of the 131 goal countries.

"By virtue of being the Chief Executor of the Divine Plan. the American Baha'is may settle in any territory of the world. In fact. the Guardian would welcome word of American pioneers being settled in areas assigned other National Assemblies. At the Guardian's direction I have written all other Assemblies of this fact. and asking them to assist in the settlement of American pioneers in their areas.

"As his dramatic cable indicates. the Guardian will have prepared an illuminated 'Roll of Honor' on which will be inscribed the names of the 'Knights of Baha'u'llah.' who first enter these 131 virgin areas. This ·Roll of Honor' \vill be placed inside the entrance door of the Inner Sanctuary of the Tomb of Baha'u'llah.

"From time to time, the Guardian will announce to the Baha'i world the names of those holy souls who arise under the conditions outlined in his message, and settle these areas and conquer them for Baha'u'llah.

"Now is the hour for America to demonstrate its spiritual primacy. There is no time after this moment! All the promises of the Master to America in the Tablets of the Divine Plan must be won now. The divine graces must be spread by the American Baha'is over the face of the globe. The Guardian is sure that the glory of America and its spiritual mission will be carried through to a resounding victory. which will affect the entire globe.

"The destiny of America now rests on the shoulders of the American Baha'is.''

June 2, 1953:

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