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USBN #271 September 1953 p2

Happy (to) Convey (to) assembled friends (at) epoch-making conference (the) news (of the) magnificent response (by) Bahá’í Communities (in the) East (and in the) West, (during the) course (of the) less than three-month interval separating (the) Second (and) Third Intercontinental Conferences (of this) Holy Year, to (the) call (to) arise (and) befittingly inaugurate (the) opening phase (of the) World Crusade. (The) number (of the) pioneers, (whether) white (or) colored, young (or) old. (on) all continents who volunteered (for) service (in) both virgin (and) open territories (is) past (the) two hundred mark, including three offers (for the) leper colonies. Ruanda-Urundi, Samoan Islands, Daman, Southern Rhodesia, Goa, Kodiak Island (and) Italian Somaliland (are) already opened. (The) settlement (of) French Equatorial Africa, Solomon Islands, Queen Charlotte Islands, South West Africa, Cape Verde Islands, Togoland, Mauritius. Reunion Island, St. Helena Island, St. Thomas Island, Channel Islands, Aleutian Islands, Azores, Key West, Cook Islands, Monaco, Balearic Islands, Malta, Cyprus, Hebrides Islands, Northern Territories Protectorate, Seychelles, Andorra, Canary Islands, (and) French Somaliland (is) virtually assured. (The) northern outposts (of the) Faith (in the) Western Hemisphere (have been) pushed as far as Arctic Bay, Franklin, seventy-three (degrees North) latitude, (and in) Europe as far as (the) Lofoten Islands. (A) pioneer (is) en route (to) Fezzan, Libya, chosen scene (of) Abdu'l-Bahá’s banishment by ‘Abdu'1-Hamíd. All (the) areas within (the) Western Hemisphere allocated (to the) United States National Assembly (are) assigned. (A) third membership (of that) same Assembly (is) joining (the) ranks (of the) pioneers. (The) remaining sister National Assemblies (are) now vying (in a) spiritual race (to) complete assignments (in) their respective continents. Funds (are) inaugurated (and) sites (are) being investigated (for the) purchase (of) land (for the) Mashriqu'1-Adhkárs (of) Rome, Panama City (and) Toronto (and for a) National Hazirátu’l-Quds (in) London. (I) appeal (to the) attendants (at this) conference, (in) thanksgiving (for the) manifold blessings abundantly showered (upon) Bahá’u’llah’s Crusaders (to) immortalize (their) proceedings through (the) inauguration (of) funds (for the) purchase (of) sites (for) temples (in that) northern city, (the) scene (of the) present conference, (and in) Frankfurt (in the) heart (of the) European Continent. (I am) contributing two thousand pounds (for the) furtherance (of these) meritorious enterprises. (I) urge, moreover, (that the) participants, in view (of the) disproportionately small number (of) pioneers destined (for) virgin territories in relation (to the) total (of) volunteers, swell (the) roll (of) honor through enlisting promptly under (the) unfurled banner (of the) advancing hosts (of) Bah- ’u’lláh. No worthier contribution can be offered (on the) altar (of) Bahá’í sacrifice, no greater honor won (during the) course (of the) Holy Year now swiftly drawing (to its) close.


To The Third Intercontinental Teaching Conference - Stockholm, July 21-26

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