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USBN #273 November 1953 p4-5

(On the) eve (of the) conclusion (of the) festivities commemorating (the) Centenary (of the) Birth (of) Bahá'u’lláh's Ministry. (I am) moved (to) direct (the) following specific message (to the) Hands assembled (at the) Conference. In grateful recognition (of the) multiple bounties showered (in) rapid succession (upon the) Army (of the) Lord (of) Hosts (during the) course (of the) Holy Year, auspiciously ushered (in) through (the) proclamation (of the) objectives (of the) World Crusade, whose opening months witnessed (the) convocation (in the) heart (of the) African Continent (of the) First Intercontinental Teaching Conference; whose climax (was) signalized (by the) simultaneous holding (in the) heart (of) North America (of the) Intercontinental Conference (of the) Western Hemisphere, (the) Dedication (of the) Mother Temple (of the) West (and the) launching (of the) Ten Year Plan; whose record (has) been ennobled (by) two additional Intercontinental gatherings, successively convened (in the) European (and) Asiatic Continents, all eleven Hands (are) called upon (to) arise (to) enhance (the) abiding value (of their) strenuous, exemplary labors (during the) last twelve months, constituting (the) initial chapter (in) their steadily unfolding world mission.

(The) hour (is) propitious (on the) morrow (of the) last Intercontinental Conference (to) gird (your) loins (for) yet another, still wider dispersal, extending (over) one or two months (and) embracing Asia, Africa (and) Australasia, (for the) purpose (of) establishing close contact (with the) National Assemblies, advising (and) assisting Local Assemblies (and) individuals (to) attain (the) goals (of the) globe-girdling Plan.

(The) adoption (of the) following itinerary (is) recommended: Mason Remey, Dorothy Baker (and) Horace Holley (to) India, Pákistán, Burma (and) Ceylon; Ugo Giachery (to) Persia: Valíyu'lláh Varqá, Shu’a’u’-lláh -Alá’í (to) Tráq, Turkey (and) Egypt; Clara Dunn (and) ‘Ali-Akbar Furútan (to) Australia (and) New Zealand; DhikruTláh Khádem (to) Malaya (and) Japan; TarázuTláh Samandari (and) Musá Banáni (to the) Arabian Peninsula. (I am) contributing three thousand pounds (for) assistance (in the) execution (of this) meritorious enterprise.

(I) urge (the) Persian, Indian, Australian. Egyptian, (and) Tráqí National Assemblies (to) extend (the) utmost assistance, (to) arrange schedules, publicize (the) Faith wherever advisable, (and) direct Local Assemblies (to) utilize every means (in their) power (to) add momentum (to the) most ambitious undertaking (yet) embarked (upon by the) followers (of) Baha'u’llah (during the one) hundred ten years (of) Eahá’í history.

Haifa. Israel —Shoghi

14 October, 1953

Cable To Hands Of The Cause At New Delhi

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