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USBN #273 November 1953 p2-4

(On the) occasion (of the) conclusion (of the) Holy Year (I am) overjoyed (to share the) following triple announcement (with the) attendants (at the) fourth (and) final Intercontinental Teaching Conference, marking (the) termination (of) festivities associated (with the) Centenary (of the) Birth (of) Bahá’u'lláh’s Prophetic Mission.

(The) five-vear-old, three-quarter million dollar enterprise, constituting (the) final stage (in the) initial epoch (of the) evolutionary process initiated over sixty years ago (by the) Founder (of the) Faith, (in the) heart (of the) Mountain (of) God. (is) consummated. (The) finishing touches (of the) installation (of) stained glass windows (in the) Drum (and) Octagon, (the) removal (of) scaffolding (from the) exterior (and) interior (of the) edifice, (the) interior calcimining (of the) Dome. Drum (and) Octagon, tuck-pointing, cleaning (and) floodlighting (the) entire Structure (have been) completed, synchronizing (with the) closing weeks (of the) glorious, twelve month annals (of the) Holy Faith.

(A) steadily swelling throng (of) visitors (from) far (and) near, (on) many days exceeding (a) thousand, (is) flocking (the) gates leading (to the) Inner Sanctuary (of this) majestic mausoleum: paying homage (to the) Queen of Carmel enthroned (on) God's Mountain, crowned (in) glowing gold, robed (in) shimmering white, girdled (in) emerald green, enchanting every eye from air, sea, plain (and) hill.

(1 am) moved (to) request (the) attendants (at the) Conference (to) hold (a) befitting memorial gathering (to) pay tribute (to the) Hand (of the) Cause. Sutherland Maxwell, immortal architect (of the) Arcade (and) Superstructure (of the) Shrine. (I) feel, moreover, acknowledgement (should) be made (at the) same gathering (to the) unflagging labors (and) vigilance (of the) Hand (of the) Cause, Ugo Giachery, (in) negotiating contracts, inspecting (and) despatching all materials required (for the) construction (of the) Edifice, as well as (of the) assiduous, constant care (of the) Hand (of the) Cause, Leroy Ioas, (in) supervising (the) construction (of) both Drum (and) Dome. To two doors (of the) Shrine recently named after (the) first two aforementioned Hands, (the) Octagon Door, now added, (will) henceforth (be) associated (with the) third Hand who contributed (to the) raising (of this) stately, sacred Structure.

(The) second announcement (is that the) world-wide process (of the) settlement (of) virgin areas (of the) globe (has been) accelerated (by the) arrival (of the) following pioneers (at their) respective posts: Cora Oliver, British Honduras; Carole (and) Dwight Allen, Greece; Mr. (and) Mrs. Xavier Rodrigues. Portuguese Guinea; Brigitte Hasselblatt. Shetlands; Elizabeth Hopper, Ada Schott. Sara Kenny (and) Mrs. Duffield, Madeira: H. J. Snider. Key West; Hugh McKinley and mother, Cyprus; Max Kenyerezi, French Equatorial Africa; Elsa Grossmann, Frisian Islands; Helen Robinson, Baranof; Mr. (and) Mrs. Ted Anderson. Yukon; Tabendeh Payman, San Marino, swelling (the) Roll of Honor, raising (the) number (of) territories (within the) pale (of the) Faith (to one) hundred sixty-five. Two additional pioneers (are) proceeding (to) leper colonies (in) Puerto Rico (and) French Guiana. Two valiant pioneers (from) India (and) America (are) preparing entry (into) Tibet. Two more members (of the) United States National Assembly (have) volunteered (to) pioneer. raising (the) number (to) five. United States pioneers (are) departing (to) twenty-four virgin territories ere (the) conclusion (of the) Holy Year. (The) Feast (of) Names (was) celebrated last August (by) two stalwart Crusaders (at the) weather station (at) Buchanan Bay (on) desolate Ellesmere Island, latitude seventy-nine, less (than) seven hundred miles (from the) North Pole. (The) irresistibly unfolding Crusade (has been) sanctified (by the) death (of) heroic, eighty-eight year old Ella Bailey, elevating her (to the) rank (of the) Martyrs (of the) Faith, shedding further luster (on the) American Bahá’í Community (and) consecrating (the) soil (of the) fast awakening African Continent.

(The) third announcement (is that) preliminary steps (have been) taken, aiming (at the) acquisition (of an) extensive area (at the) head (of the) Holy Mountain, scene (of the) Revelation (of the) Tablet (of) Carmel, preparatory (to the) purchase (of the) site (for the) future Mother Mashriqu'1-Adhkár (of the) Holy Land, made possible (by the) munificent hundred thousand dollar donation (of the) Hand (of the) Cause. Amelia Collins, signalizing (the) opening (of the) second stage (in the) unfoldment (of the) mighty process set (in) motion (by the) Author (of the) Faith.

(This) triple bounty vouchsafed (the) Community (of the) Most Great Name, scattered (over the) face (of the) planet, calls for tremendous, immediate, concerted exertion (by the) assembled believers (in order) adequately (to) discharge (this) triple responsibility. First, redoubled consecration (to the) pioneering task, particularly (in the) Pacific area emphasized (in the) Tablets (of the) Divine Plan, raising thereby, ere adjournment (of the) Conference, (the) number (of) territories opened (to the) Faith or assigned pioneers (for) immediate settlement (to) above two hundred. Second, (the) demonstration (of) increasing self-sacrifice through (the) inauguration (of) Funds (for the) purchase (of) land (for) future Temples (on the) Asiatic continent (and the) Antipodes, (in) Baghdád, New Delhi (and) Sydney. (I am) contributing three thousand pounds (for the) furtherance (of these) meritorious enterprises. Third, earnest consultation (by) representatives (of the) Persian (and) ‘Iráqí National Assemblies, directly concerned (with the) Holy Task with (the) assembled Hands (of the) Cause (on) ways (and) means (to) conduct (a) thorough investigation (to) ensure purchase (of the) Holy Places, particularly (the) site (of the) Síyáh-Chál, (the) Cradle (of the) Revelation (to the) Author (of the) Faith, as well as (the) identification (and) transfer (to) Bahá’í cemeteries (of the bodies of the) relatives (of the) Báb (and) Bahá'u’lláh. constituting vital objectives (of the) Ten Year Plan.

(I am) ardently hoping, fervently supplicating (that this) epochal Conference, setting (the) seal (on the) celebration (of the) Second Baha'i Jubilee, (may) contribute (in an) unprecedented degree through (the) character (of) its deliberations, (the) solidity (of its) achievements, (the) scope (of its) accomplishments (to the) ultimate attainment (of the) shining goals (of the) World Crusade. destined (to) culminate (in the) not far distant Most Great Jubilee associated (with the) hundredth Anniversary (of the) Assumption (by) Bahá'u’lláh (of) His Prophetic Office.


Haifa, Israel October, 1953

Cable To The Fourth Intercontinental Teaching Conference, New Delhi, India

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