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USBN #280 June 1954

Dear Baha'i Friends:

The resounding victories won during the first year of the Ten Year Crusade have brought great happiness to the beloved Guardian. Ninety-nine of the virgin areas have been settled, and it is hoped all areas outside of the Iron Curtain countries will be settled by the end of the Ridvan period.

The continent of Africa is pre-eminent in its record of achievement. The spread of the Faith has been miraculous there. Since the opening of the Crusade, fifty territories and islands have been opened. Baha'is are now living in one hundred 2nd sixty cities of the country. There are over sixty tribes represented in the Baha’i population. Literature has been translated into over twenty-five languages.

Uganda is the area producing the most remarkable results. Two years ago there were no Baha'is in that territory-today the Faith is established in over sixty cities ;-there are thirteen Spiritual Assemblies. Over ten more Spiritual Assemblies will be added April 21, 1954; over six hundred new African Baha'is have enrolled.

The beloved Guardian directs that we ponder deeply the great victories won in Uganda, and the reasons why they were achieved. We should analyze why similar victories have not been won everywhere in the Baha'i world, particularly in North America, the land of the chosen trustees of the Master's Divine Plan.

Completely dedicated to their sacred mission, consecrated to the great service they had undertaken. their lives and conduct in accordance with the teachings of Baha’u’llah, the original pioneers to Uganda arose with prayerful zeal to carry the Glad Tidings of the Kingdom to the native inhabitants. They demonstrated that the Baha'i has no prejudice of any type. Through their loving association on the basis of equality, they soon won the hearts and souls of the people.

So effective has been their teaching, that the new African Baha'is have arisen in numbers to carry the Message throughout the land, not only Uganda, but other consolidation territories and, more important, in virgin areas of the Crusade. Over six of the virgin areas of the Crusade have been filled by the new African Baha'is.

The peoples generally are seeking the light of Divine Guidance. The problems of the world have awakened the populace. It only remains for the Baha'is to raise the Call and give the Message according to the high standards enunciated by the beloved Master. The world can become with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, if the Baha'is fulfill their sacred obligations.

In pioneering fields, and on the home front, the friends must arise with the same spirit of dedication and consecration which animated the original pioneers. If they do. they will be astonished at the great results they will achieve. The Guardian calls expectantly to the believers of America, the favored friends of the Master, to arise now, and gain such victories in the Teaching Field, both at home and abroad, as to astonish the Baha'i world, even surpassing the victories of Africa. He particularly awaits the response of the dedicated souls, white and colored, who will raise the Call among the Negroes of America.

Setting aside all the shibboleths of present day living, leaving behind the false standards of those endeavoring to solve the world's problems by weak platitudes, and demonstrating the new Baha'i way of dynamic spiritual living, let them, relying on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, arise to spread the Water of Life over America. This will produce the results which the cries of humanity today require. Where are the spiritual souls who will now seize their opportunity, and achieve immortal glory in the service of the Faith!

Faithfully yours,

(signed) LEROY Ioas

Assistant Secretary

"The Continent Of Africa Is Pre-Eminent"


April 1953

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