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The Babi Question You Mentioned, Jelle deVries,p245

He was very happy indeed to see that you have been united, and that you are going to be able to establish a permanent residence in New Guinea, and teach the Faith there. He attaches the greatest possible importance to your presence in that virgin country; and he urges you under no circumstances to abandon your post, but to perservere, and with tact and patience gradually build up contacts with the local people, so that you can seek out those souls who are waiting to hear the Message of Bahá’u’lláh, and will prove the most receptive.

The most important thing for the pioneers to do in these countries into which it is difficult to gain entry, is to be very careful not to antagonize the officials, the missionaries or the local people, as this might cause them to be deprived of their possibilities of gaining a livelihood, or to be driven out of the country and to have their visa suspended.

To remain, to keep the beacon burning, to teach the Faith discreetly and to establish a foundation, is the work of every single in the Ten Year Crusade.

1954-05-07 to Meerburgs re pioneering to New Guinea (Indonesia)

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