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USBN #282 August 1954 p1-2

Very active consideration is now being given to the erection of the Mashriqu'l-Adhkar for Persia. The Guardian has asked the Persian Baha'is to submit plans for this noble edifice. They have provided him with some plans .

Owing to the great importance of this unique structure, the beloved Guardian feels submissions should be made by Baha'i architects from many parts of the world ; and he is therefore asking your Assemblies to inform the friends that he would value any suggestions or plans which any of the Baha'is may wish to submit for this sacred enterprise. Will you please let the friends know that the Guardian will appreciate any submissions anyone might wish to make.

In height, the building should be not more than 70 meters, although he feels perhaps a building £5 meters high is sufficient. The building should be wider than the Temple in Chicago, so as to accommodate more people. The interior plans should be so set up as to develop a spaciousness.

Of course, it is understood by that the building should be circular in shape, and nine-sided. The Guardian does not wish detailed blueprint drawings , but he would like a general drawing of the proposals which anyone wishes to submit.

It is probably best that the friends submit their proposals to the National Assembly, so that the National Assembly may in turn send them on directly here to the Holy Land.

The Guardian sends you his loving greetings ,

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