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George Townshend, David Hofman, p319

March 3, 1955, was:

As we almost never attain any spiritual goal without seeing the next goal we must attain still beyond our reach, he urges you, who have come so far already on the path of spirituality, not to fret about the distance you still have to cover! It is an infinite journey, and, no doubt in the next world the soul is privileged to draw closer to God than is possible when bound on this physical plane.

And Shoghi Effendi’s personal note reads:

May the Almighty, Whose Cause you promote with such love, zeal and distinction, reward you a thousandfold for your historic labours, fulfil every desire you cherish, and aid you to enrich continually the record of your unforgettable achievements.

to George Townshend, 3 Mar 1955

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