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Divine Springtime - Louise Coswell Recalls , pp102-08

July 15, 1955, directed to the National

Spiritual Assembly of the Bahà’ís of Central America from the Bahà’í World Center:

As regards your question about giving the Faith publicity, in the places that pioneers have moved to in order to fill the goals of the Plan; it depends on the place. If there is absolutely no danger of publicity stirritg up antagonism, or leading to the expulsion of the Bahà’í, or his being deprived of his residence visa, then there is no objection to publicity. The general principle, however, is this - that the Bahà’ís should keep as quiet as possible, seek out and confirm the receptive souls, and build their future Assemblies on a solid foundation. To broadcast the news of their activities is not essential in these virgin areas at the present time, and can in most cases be dangerous, and hinder the spread of the Faith.

He urges your Assembly to bear in mind that shortly National Haziratu’l-Quds will be needed in each country, and that the friends should begin to look for suitable Centres that will under no circumstances be too expensive, nor too far out from the centre of the city.

He was delighted to see that, following speedily upon the purchase of the Panama Temple site, the Haziratu'l-Quds of the Bahà’ís of Central America has also been acquired.

With warm Bahà’í greetings,

(Signed) R. Rabbani

P. S. - Since commencing the above letter, the beloved Guardian has received your other letters dated April 9 .(2) , April 12, and May 14. He was very happy to know that you have increased the holdings of the Temple property in Panama. Please thank Miss Sneider on his behalf for this generous act on her part, an act which will be appreciated increasingly as time goes on and the Temple itself is erected.

July 15, 1955

Dear and Valued Co-Workers:

Hie year which has just^been concluded witnessed a succession of achievements on the part of the members of the Central American Bahà’í Communities and particularly of the elected body of their national representatives, worthy of the highest commendation. In both the teaching and administrative spheres of Bahà’í activity, these newly fledged communities have demonstrated their firm attachment to the Faith they have expounded, their loyalty to its fundamental verities and principles, and their inflexible resolve to extend the range, and reinforce the foundations of their collective and meritorious activities and achievements.

They are now, by the virtue of the splendid services they have performed, the spirit they have so powerfully evinced, the noble example they have set, approaching a stage in the evolution of the Faith in that highly promising area of the globe, which bids fair to eclipse the magnificent efforts which have been exerted, and the noteworthy services which have been performed, since its inception in the Antilles and the Central American Republics. They will soon be entering a period which is destined to witness the emergence of Regional National Assemblies which are to be regarded as stepping stones paving the way for the ultimate establishment of independent National Spiritual Assemblies, which are destined to act as pillars, and participate directly in the formation of the future International House of Justice, ordained by Bahà'u’llah as the supreme Legislative Organ of His World Order.

Now is the time for those communities to prepare themselves, in the course of the two fast-fleeting years separating them from the opening of the third phase of a world spiritual crusade, individually as well as collectively, to assume befittingly the staggering responsibilities so soon to be placed upon them.

They have thus far, discharged their task with befitting courage, zeal and loyalty. The foundations they have securely laid must now be both enlarged and strengthened. The virgin areas of the globe, assigned to their elected representatives, under the Ten-Year Plan, have been triumphantly and speedily opened.. The translation and publication of the literature of the Faith into both the Spanish and Portuguese tongues have been vigorously undertaken. The plot whereon the first Mashriqu'1-Adhar of Central America must needs be erected has been purchased in the Republic of Panama, the importance of which has been so clearly stressed by 'Abdu’l-Baha. The first two of the historic National Haziratu'l-Qudu that are to be established in the capital cities of the Republics of Central America and the Islands of the Antilles have been acquired.[1] A beginning has been made in the translation of Bahà’í literature into the American Indian languages spoken in those regions.

The tasks, now confronting them in the course of this current year and of the next, demand a still greater exertion on their part, a more complete dedication to the aims, purposes and principles of their Faith, a firmer resolve to achieve the immediate goals of their Ten-Year Plan, and a still nobler self-sacrifice in the path of the Cause they have espoused to champion.

The two crucial years, constituting the concluding year of the second and the opening year of the third phase of the Ten-Year Plan must be signalized, if they would prove themselves worthy of their stewardship to their Faith, by a series of achievements even more conspicuous than those that have distinguished the opening years in the annals of that Faith in Central America and the Antilles,

The number of avowed adherents of the Faith must, throughout that area, be speedily and substantially increased. Simultaneously a notable multiplication of groups and assemblies must be ensured in order to enlarge and reinforce the foundations of the forthcoming Regional National Assemblies. The incorporation of firmly established local spiritual assemblies must like-wise be expedited. The prizes won in distant and Virgin fields must not only be preserved but continually enhanced. The translation of Bahà’í literature into the American Indian languages assigned under the Ten-Year Plan must also be energetically prosecuted. The establishment of national endowments throughout that area must be, moreover, diligently undertaken and rapidly carried out. Above all, the purchase of National Haziratu'l-Quds in the remaining Republics of Central America and the Antilles must, ere the conclusion of the second year of the second phase of the Ten-Year Plan be consummated.

* Then, and only then, can the Central America Bahà’í Communities, that have won such superb victories in the past, confidently assume the sacred burden of responsibility incumbent upon them in the course of the third phase of this world encircling crusade. Then, and only then, can they demonstrate to the Bahà’í World their capacity to carry out in its entirety their share in ensuring the triumphant conclusion of this worldwide enterprise launched by the valiant upholders of the Faith of Bahà’u’llàh.

The tribulations now experienced by their brethern in the land of its birth should, far from crushing their spirit or dampening the zeal which animates them, infuse into them fresh courage and a more determined resolve to arise and compensate for the loss which the Cause is now sustaining. Individually as well as collectively, in their capacity as teachers and administrators, they should prove by their conduct the world-redeeming capacity of their Faith, demonstrate its incorruptible spirit, proclaim the sublimity of its teachings, and silence the criticism of its opponents.

Theirs is a glorious opportunity which they must not, in these day of test and trial, neglect. Theirs is a sacred duty which they must be fittingly discharge. May they arise as one man, and armed with the invincible power of Bahà’u’llàh, play their part in a manner that will bring everlasting consolation to the hearts of their persecuted brethern, and dishearten thoroughly those redoubtable adversaries who are so artfully and persistently labouring to undermine its foundations and extinguish its light.

Your true brother,

(Signed) Shoghi

1955-07-15 to Central America NSA re goals and future

[1] During the Ten Year World Crusade, Hand of the Cause, Amelia Collins Contributed u large sum of money for the purchase of sites for National Haziratu’l-Quds, Temple sites, and endowments in many Latin American countries thus fulfilling a most challenging and important goal of the Ten-Year Crusade.

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