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Baha’i Studies Bulletin Vol 5 #1-2 September 1985 pp93

He is interested in accomplishing two things - he would like in the European languages to have as much uniformity with the English translations as possible; he does not wish the Bahâ'i translations to be in any way a flagrant violation of the rules of the language into which our literature is being translated.

Your committee must conscientiously study this question and then do the best you can to have the Bahá’i literature in French meet the high standards of the French language and grammar.

If the possessive and demonstrative adjectives and pronouns in French are never capitalized where they stand for "God" then this should not be done in the Bahá’i literature. If there is a precedent for doing so in the French language, however, they should be. The same is true of the attributes of God.

1957-02-15 for SE re trans into European languages


(15 February 1957 to a National Translation and Publication Committee of a National Spiritual Assembly)

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