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He also feels that particular attention should be devoted to the teaching work in the South, and to attracting the colored people. The years of careful attention, which have been devoted to the white element in the South, in the hope of placating them, enrolling them in the Faith, and also enrolling the colored Bahá'ís at the same time, have not shown satisfactory results. In view of this, he urges the friends to concentrate on teaching the Negroes. They should be courageous in their racial stand, particularly as so many non-Bahá'ís and non-Bahá'í organizations are showing marked courage at this time, when the decisions of the Supreme Court are being so hotly contested in the South. The friends must remember that the cardinal principle of their Faith is the Oneness of Mankind. This places an obligation on them far surpassing the obligation which Christian charity and brotherly love places upon the Christians. They should demonstrate this spirit of oneness constantly and courageously in the South.

On behalf of Shoghi Effendi, 21 September 57, Bahá'í News, no. 321, 11/57, insert

[as cited in Pupil of the Eye p158]

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